Holi festival, Festival of colors, celebrate Holi Festival with amazing gifts and colors

Everything you should to know: – celebrate Holi Festival with amazing gifts and colors

Holi is a main festival which is celebrated mostly in India. The people of India are very fulfilled by enjoyment and celebration. Holi is the most popular festival after Diwali (Festival of Lights). Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram exist in modern times so we are updated with each event which happens worldwide. Social media tools and features which are Instagram reel and Twitter trends keep up to date with us. Hi, Sandeep here in this blog I’ll tell you how you celebrate Holi and which types of rituals make a normal day into a Holi celebration.

First you should know about Holi festival

Holi is a festival which is celebrated by colors and water and is most popular now the time in worldwide. Yes you think right it is like Spain’s famous Tomatina festival. But the intention and history behind the Holi festival is fully different from Tomatina. An old history said in the terms of Holi celebration. It is the story behind Holi between a father Hiranyakashipu and his son Prahlada

Why celebrate Holi festival in India

Hiranyakashipu very egoistic and atheistic person. He considers himself the supreme on the earth because he is a king and nobody can beat him. As a king, he is a very crucial person on the planet. The king harasses his kingdom’s people. People are praying for a real god to prevent from harassment of the king. As the Hindu idiom says “One day lord Krishna will come to destroy when the immortality and unrighteousness go hike”. The same thing happens in the form of the lord’s first child “Bhakt Prahlada”.

Bhakt Prahlada did not consider his father as a god on the planet from his initial age. He initiated the worship of a real god that is lord Vishnu. His father denied it and tried to stop his worship of lord Vishnu. After the bhakt, Prahlada consistently prays and worships Lord Vishnu.

The tries to stop the worship of bhakt Prahlada for Lord Vishnu

  1. Hiranyakashipu left the child among the kingdom solider for killing
  2. His father left his child a second time among the elephants
  3. The final time Prahlada sits down with a demon named Holika in flame for burn and death

When the final result come, same as that Holika burn, but Bhakt Prahlada is still alive by the grace of god. Each person of Hiranyakashipu is shock at how Prahlada is alive for the third time. As well as the side Lord Vishnu was on the peak of anger to destroy Hiranyakashipu and harassment of the king.

Lord Vishnu comes in the form of Lord Narsingh (The 14th form of Lord Vishnu). First hold to Hiranyakashipu and puts on the thigh by the hand and bursts his stomach then kills him. The people of the kingdom are very happy and cheer at the death of King Hiranyakashipu.  On the occasion of the lord’s descend the people of the kingdom celebrate. That celebration is make with joy, fulfilment and forgiveness. In today’s time known as the Holi festival. Hence, India known as the origin of the Holi festival.

How we can celebrate the Holi festival in the modern time

In modern times nothing has changed regards the Holi festival. It is the first festival where enjoyment is high and stress is equal to none. In India, if you are in metro cities you can book online Holi events by the search term on Google “Holi celebration near me”. If you are in your home the celebration of Holi is very enjoyable and memorable between family members.

Holi is known as the festival of colors. People of India use different types of colors with water and place them on another person’s body to make a colorful person. The same thing is do by the second person to the first person. The color placement on Holi is a sign of forgetting bad times, moments and situations of life between their lives.  

Share gifts and traditional breakfast on Holi

On the festival of Holi friends and seniors offer the Gift and Traditional breakfast. Women sing local songs and men communicate and bless to younger. If you are selecting a gift I suggest you craft something from local resources like hand block designs Handkerchief and God Keychain. As well as you also prefer the custom keychain for children and juniors. These type of gifts brings a lot of smiles on the occasion of Holi and this stem marks a memorable moment in their heart.


Well, At the time of playing Holi prevent these flaunt people who use a hard color or Chinese color. These colors bring skin issues like rashes and burned skin. A top-level suggestion use coconut oil on the full body before going out of the home and play safe. I heartily wish on Holi and bring joy in your life from my side. KEYCHAIN.CO.IN always welcome an offer on the festival of Holi. We offer 10% extra off to make a better deal during the festival season. KEYCHAIN.CO.IN provide all types of Custom keychains, personalised keychains, Anime keychains, Marvel keychains, Metal keychains and leather keychains. You can take advantage of the Holi festival offer.

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