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In today’s world, Anime keychains have values just like any accessories. These keychains are tangible (stereo) for fandom. People starting to raise interest in any Anime character to hold a keychain. Anime keychains are always a small size of Characters, made of rubber and plastic.

This type of keychain art often gained huge popularity among anime lovers from worldwide. Today in this blog, I will explore all variety with characters. These plenty of arts bring happiness for collectors.

Anime keychains hold a place in the hearts of their fans for several reasons:

Express the Fandom

Always an anime character and series lover want to express their love in a proud way in public. It may maybe a big love statement for their particular anime like Naruto, Ichigo Kurosaki and Kakashi.

Portable art of anime keychains

Anime tangible is considered portable art because it looks like a normal anime character. These are made of a materialistic combination of Plastic with rubber. Shape these keychains mostly beautifully crafted with the best vibrant colour combination.

The vibrant colour combination always has prior space on each human eye other than dark, dim and brighter colours. Portable keychains are mostly manufactured in pocket size and its work of art fans want to carry them as an accessory.

Memorable and Nostalgic

Anime series are written in the best scrip usually living point. Series shows with the best dialogue with the powerful role of a character. So most probably chances happen for anime lovers that he goes by from this moment and situation.

And these points made a Memorable and Nostalgic moments. Owning a keychain by a beloved anime can be a nostalgic experience. In brief a series and its emotions raised.

Anime keychains come in a wide range of styles materials and designs according to the test of fans.

Acrylic Material:-

These are made from durable acrylic materials (CH2=C[CH3]CO2H) Acrylic is made by the combination of pigment, Binder and water. This material comes with transparency presence.

Acrylic made in every colour that’s looks vibrant because of glassy and iconic. Feature making and high-quality printing of anime characters in this material give a mind-blowing product. And as well as these material keychains are lightweight and easy to carry.

Rubber Material anime keychains: –

Rubber material keychains are always in demand. The main reason for hikes that are it’s made from soft, and flexible. Rubber keychains are sturdy and sensible. These keychains are often the special chibi-style experience of anime characters. With a touch feels of cuteness. Rubber keychain mostly has 2 -3 colour combinations and each hue provides a light colour contrast that looks Beautiful in one word.

Metal anime keychains:-

Metal are made of durable metals zinc (Zn), Iron, and stainless steel. These metals in the keychain provide a premium look and feel. They may be intricately carved or embossed with elaborate designs. Anime character looks in metal keychains not so good but for long-term sustainability you can go for it.

Plush keychains: –

These keychains are soft and cuddly. Plush keychains are perfect for fans who want any size anime character. As they add a touch of comfort to your daily carry.

Hey! Wanna be an iconic Anime lover

You can start an Anime keychain collection


Pick your Favourite character

As you watch anime series its often your mindset automatically picks a character in your mind and especially your heart. Probably your mood required in you the boldness of character that you pick from the series. it should be included in your key chains collection with meaning.

Go for materials options

In your favourite character collection, you can go for different materials. Your collection is chosen by colours, enhanced by plastic, rubber and metals.

Display your character in Daily life

Consider being involved in your key chains in your daily life. Use according to what colour dress you wear and how your moods are. For use daily you can attach it to keys, bags and your creative thing.

Pricing of anime keychains

The price of anime keychains mostly depends on Import-export exchanges. Because bringing keychains from another country contains huge transportation expenses. These prices are effective by globalization materials demand. Anime keychain price for Business to Customer (B2C) mode is an average of 180 Rs. (INR) to 1500 Rs. (INR) based on material quality and Creativity of crafts in India. We have a wide range of Anime keychains in different materials and qualities. We also sell keyrings and keychains online in India. You can visit our website KEYCHAIN.CO.IN for exploring all types of keychains.


Anime keychains give you a delightful way to connect with your favourite character from the series. Anime is a beautiful and adventurous series of many powerful characters Izuku Midoriya, Mikasa, Luffy and Naruto. As a watcher comments in the time of unusual, violent and vulgar content anime gives you the best learning-watching sessions. As we can say they are not just accessories it’s a beautiful piece of art to carry in daily life.

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